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Children Who Witness Violence Project Steering Committee


The Lucas County Children Who Witness Violence Project began in 2000 as a result of a $30,000 Planning grant from the Ohio Office of the Attorney General to plan and develop intervention services for children who witness violence. There were approximately six grants given to six different regions across Ohio . Priority was placed on funneling the funds through local children’s hospitals. The Attorney General’s Office had co-sponsored state wide and regional training sessions to highlight the excellent children who witness violence services provided by Cuyahoga County Mental Health Services to the Homeless and Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital and to promote the development of similar programs across the state.


Lucas County’s project membership includes: The Cullen Center, TCH; Toledo Children’s Hospital (TCH); Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center; Children’s Advocacy Center; Lucas County Sheriff’s Office; Lutheran Social Service’s Open Dorr Family Resource Center, Project Omega; Lucas County Children Services; the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter.

Mission :

The Mission of this coalition (steering committee) is to provide support, guidance, and resource sharing so that we can provide programs and services that help children in Lucas County who witness violence have the best opportunities for protection and emotional recovery.


  1. Collaboratively seek ongoing funding resources to support the provision of services to children who witness violence.
  2. Provide mutual support, guidance and consultation for program development and evaluation.
  3. Sharing training and educational resources.
  4. Enhance families’ abilities to access members’ services.

For more information about the committee please contact Kris Buffington at (419) 291-7919.

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